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Why KindyROO?

KindyROO was established as a preventative parent education, fun, learning centre specialising in developmental education for babies from six weeks to children of five years of age.

KindyROO is not simply a "gym" or "playgroup" for babies and children. We are an educational centre aimed at helping parents to learn about the importance of early childhood development to later school learning.

Early infancy is influenced by a series of inborn reflexes. Our program builds on inborn reflexes to encourage spatial awareness, balance and co-ordination, sequential development, gross and fine motor skills as well as auditory and visual development.

Our program is also designed to facilitate the integration of specialized areas of the developing brain. It encourages the integration and development of sensory (seeing, hearing, smelling, touch/ feeling, balance) and motor (moving and coordination) skills to establish critical skills for later learning.

Our unique early childhood neuro-educational development program embraces all the wonderful natural development activities ordained by nature.

"Neuro-educational development is the programming of the brain by appropriate stimulation and experience via the nervous system, which in turn promotes solid foundations for learning".