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KindyROO Class Experience

Our KindyROO classes have a distinct routine, which is important for child development. Each term is planned over a period, with a term theme and a weekly topic related to that theme.

To give you a better understanding of what you will gain from our KindyROO class, here is a glimpse of our class experience.

Free Play
We begin the session with some free explorative play on our large equipment. This provides a good opportunity to socialise with other parents and children.

Mat Time
Mat time starts off with a welcome song to get the children to focus on the fact that the class has started and helps establish rhythm, sound and participation. Children and parents come together as a group to participate in a variety of activities such as action songs, finger plays, vestibular exercises, massage and dance. Directed play with small equipment also forms part of the session to develop children’s fine motor skills and/or eye-hand coordination. Time on the mat is also important for the development of gross motor skills, language, auditory and visual stimulation.

Treasure Bag Time
The much loved treasure bag time follows the theme for the term. The treasure bag time provides tactile experiences and encourages social interaction, imagination and visualisation skills. This is followed by the flash card segment to stimulate memory and pre-reading skills. Each child also gets an ink stamp on their right hand to further reinforce the theme of the day and to help them distinguish their right and left side.

Equipment Time
Our equipment area is filled with large equipment that has been especially made for young children. Children practice their coordination, gross motor skills and problem solving skills through climbing, balancing, jumping, tumbling, swinging and crawling etc. Children are encouraged to experiment with their bodies, learning about spatial and body awareness, in an exciting and challenging environment. Older children enjoy the challenge of following the circuit and practicing new movement experiences. The equipment circuit is changed frequently to give each child new challenges. This enables children to master their environment and their body movements - a basic step in building confidence, competence and self-esteem.

Music Time
Each week we play a different musical instrument. Making music can enhance learning in other areas of your child's development and assist in language, numeracy, exploring the environment, drama and craft. Then our big colourful parachute comes out for the children to lie under or play games with. Viewing the turning parachute helps exercise the eye to cross the midline. It is also a time when colours can bediscussed. The class is then concluded with our goodbye song.