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KindyROO Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can my child start the KindyROO program?
Children can start the program from six weeks of age and enjoy ongoing age specific classes until five years of age.
2. Why are classes age specific?
Classes are age specific to encourage an interactive class, which engages children at the correct development level. If children are able to enjoy tasks with the correct amount of stimulation and challenge, learning becomes a joy and correct sequential development can occur.
3. Are all classes conducted in English?
Our core program, music and syllabus are all facilitated in English.
4. How long is the class?
All classes are one hour.
5. Do I need to accompany my child?
It is necessary and beneficial for you to accompany your child to attend the class as our program aims to assist parents to learn more about the development of their child. If you need to send your child with a helper/nanny or other guardian you will find our weekly parent information sheets particularly useful to keep up to date as to what your child is learning at KindyROO.
For children 3 years old and above, parents have the option to accompany their child or to drop their child off for the class.
6. How often does my child need to attend classes?
You may attend the program once, twice or three times per week, however if your child has English as a second language, we strongly recommend a minimum of twice weekly program. We have had remarkable results in short periods of time enhancing children's English vocabulary and concept development.
7. What is special about the KindyROO circuit room?
Our circuit has been designed by our instructors to ensure your child has the opportunity to scramble, crawl and move through the equipment! We frequently change the setup of the equipment with special attention to age appropriateness.
It is so satisfying to hear the children's delight each week as they walk through the magic doors to see what awaits to challenge their growing mind and body!
The Circuit Room aims to:
- be a catalyst to reinforce aspects of the KindyROO program
- enhance sensory / perceptual and cognitive development
- encourage fine motor development
- provide opportunity to climb, rock, roll and swing
- help balance, posture and directionality
- enhance spatial and body awareness
- encourage memory and visual skills
8. What should children wear?
For babies, please bring a bunny rug as a comforter and wherever possible, do not dress your baby in a full suit (to maximise baby massage activity). For children in the walking class and above, they will wear the KindyROO uniform.
All children need bare feet so that they can experience the activities through all the senses. Children gain a lot of information through their feet.  Bare feet also assist their grip on the equipment.
9. What are the safety and hygiene measures at KindyROO?
All equipments are thoroughly cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant. All parents/caregivers are required to wear clean socks when attending the class. All floors in the circuit equipment room are cushioned as far as possible.
There should be no siblings in the classroom area during class. Only children enrolled for his or her class may participate.
10. Should my child attend class if feeling unwell?
For the health benefit of all children, if your child is unwell or has a fever, please DO NOT bring them to KindyROO. It is also for the benefit of your child as he/she will enjoy the class more when well.
We reserve the right to ask parent and child to leave if they attend KindyROO under an unwell health condition.
11. Do you provide make-up classes or refunds?
KindyROO offers make up classes for missed classes due to illness or pre-arranged travel. All make-up classes need to be completed within the enrolled term.
No refunds will be provided under any circumstances. If you are unable to attend a booked make-up class, please inform our office in advance.
12. Can my child join anytime?
Enrolments are welcome anytime during the term.